Marie Delcioppo

Owner/Founder of, New York Times featured raw foods chef, Pilates instructor, and health + nutrition coach with a side of marketing strategist and financial planner. (I swear all of these actually fit together and make sense.)

About Me

I created Lush Vitality for you to be inspired to go after your dreams and get them.

My number one goal is to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible and back it up with practical daily actions you can immediately put into use to create a life that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

We talk nutrition, fitness, jobs, the mind games that trip us up, money, skin care, romance… and even swap a few plant-tastic recipes.

Here’s what I know for sure: In order to (finally) grasp your ideal life and recapture your best self, your home, outlook on life, career, and relationships must align, so I invite you to step in, have a few laughs, and take charge of every part of you.

I want nothing more than for you to become your happiest, wisest, and most true, loving self. And, of course, to have fun in the process.

How I Got Here...

I left the PR world and all its glitz and glamour to pursue my passion for health and wellness. It wasn’t long before I started doing Pilates and was addicted. I became a Pilates instructor, teaching at some of the world’s most exclusive studios, gyms, and spas and even owning my own studio. I then became a raw foods chef and health + nutrition coach.

Throughout it all, I built not only my own business but also others’ in the health and wellness industry through the power of marketing, which is the biggest money making skill, and I believe everyone — from an entrepreneur to a homemaker — needs to master the game.

In all these years standing alongside clients and businesses looking to thrive and feel alive and vibrant, one underlying issue seems to make or break a person’s or business’s health — money. No amount of kale, crossfit, or being a guest on talk shows can solve twisted beliefs around money. I figured this theme but be showing up for a reason, so I now guide individuals and businesses in their financial planning and lay that as the foundation for us then to build your holistic, sustainable success.

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