Marianne Bliss

I have two new websites. One is and the other is The Baby Gear Store will be opening soon.

About Me

My name is Marianne Bliss and I grew up in Chicago until I was in the 4th grade. We then moved to Antioch, Illinois where I continued my education through high school. There I attended College of Lake County and wound up working at the same Antioch Community High School I graduated from in 1976. Thanks to a teacher in high school that more less took me under her wing, she taught me how to read. This was a benefit for me, helping me get through college. I"ve worked with special needs kids for 30 years and find it very rewarding. I was not able to have any children due to cancer at an early age, so I raised my brothers three kids when their mother walked out on them. The youngest child was only 1 year old. These kids are my life. There is Claire who is now a pharmacist. Jerold who now works and Mary who cuts hair and has a 1 year old little boy named Michael. Michael just had his 1st birthday and is the apple of my eye. Two years ago my brother who was the father of these 3 wonderful kids passed away. Recently Mary lost her significant other and the father of her child to suicide after just moving into a new home. I have tried many different online businesses and failed because I got hooked up with the wrong company and now I am trying to get my life back in order from being broke to having money in the bank. I live in a townhouse community where during the summer months when the kids are off school I have a kids reading group for children. The moms can get some me time. I have always enjoyed working with kids. I created a new Product Called a Hope Chest. I got my portfolio and I am looking for someone who would be interest in helping me get the license I need and get it to marketing. I am willing to give up 40% of all earnings.

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