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“Live your life while you’re in it; not after it passes you by” ~ Maria Nahigian

Hi, I’m Maria. As a Burnout to Balance Coach & Strategist, I work with high performing women that are on the brink of burnout, exhaustion and overwhelm. They find they are physically and emotionally exhausted, their judgment has become clouded; they don’t know who “they” are anymore and find they are resenting things that once brought them joy. Whether working 1-on-1 or in group workshops, I create a sacred non-judgmental space utilizing customized strategies, to redefine success and create life on their terms, for a balanced, fulfilled and energized life from the inside out.

I understand the struggles and what it takes to go from the brink of burnout and overwhelm to a life on my terms. Drawing on my wins and sacrifices of climbing up the corporate ladder, lifelong experience and passion for personal development, coupled with my expertise as a coach, enables me to guide my clients to redefine success for happier more fulfilling lives and careers.

As a trusted and sought after “go to” I am known to be honest and caring while objectively providing “tough love” coaching. It is my passion and purpose to mentor women to live a life of fulfillment, purpose and adventure on their terms. Powerfully saying YES to things that energize and move them, and no to those that don’t; living a life of feeling and being in their zone of greatness.

I am a continuous learner. I enhance my knowledge through self-study, workshops, online training and coaching with luminaries, staying informed of the latest in personal development and success strategies. This allows me to coach and share with my clients so they can stay focused on the top priorities in their life.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, certified Life and Career Coach and Managing Personal Growth facilitator. I also hold certifications in: Reiki I & II, Access Consciousness, Authentic Success Coaching and Coaching and the Enneagram.

Life's an adventure. Live it. Love it!

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