Maria Scarlassare

Independent Marketing Associate

About Me

My name is Maria Hotmani. My professional title is Independent Marketing Associate at Health With Hotmani of Omnitrition. My interest and pursuit in health and wellness goes back to when I was a teen. In my early adolescent years I battled what doctors called idiopathic chronic urticaria followed by having thyroid cancer at age 15. “Idiopathic chronic urticaria” subsided only when I began homeopathic and medicinal herb treatments. Through my experiences, I have seen the value in taking care of and investing in our own health with products made from pure natural ingredient - making us a priority. Without health can you enjoy time with your family, friends, kids? What about being able to work? Today, it has become my passion and dedication to coach people in regaining their health and helping them help others do the same.

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