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Margaux Lancaster | Motion Picture Makeup Artist

About Me

Margaux Lancaster is one of the most sought after make-up artists and consultants working in the beauty and film industry today.

Her boundless energy and infectious spirit infuse her work. Now entering her 27th year in the film industry, she was the youngest female ever to be accepted into the Makeup Artist Union Local 706 and is certified in California to teach the art of makeup.

She has applied her trade to scores of feature films, such as Angels and Demons, Grey Matter, National Treasure, Poseidon, Shaggy Dog, XXX2, The Princess Diaries, Man on the Moon, Very Bad Things, Living Out Loud, Born Yesterday, Stone Cold, The Waterdance, Why do Fools fall in Love, Bound by Honor, and Batman and Robin.

Her television and live event credits include such productions as Arrested Development, Love At The Christmas Table, Dr. Phil, Ugly Betty, American Idol Extra, The OC, Alias, ER, Judging Amy, Hit Me Baby, Rock The Cradle, The Grammy Awards, New Centurion Awards, Clueless, Pacific Blue, Blade Squad, CSI: NY, and Providence.

She has also done commercials for Time Warner, Tropicana, Oreos, Dr Pepper, Free Money Infomercials and Universal Theme Parks. Since 2007, Margaux has worked with Disney Imagineering designing makeup for the Disney Theme Parks.

Margaux has an ever-expanding clientele that includes Danielle Harris, Cerina Vincent, Augie Duke, Kathy Najimy, CEO Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Belinda Carlisle, John O’Hurley, Peter Gabriel, Tiffany, Lara Johnston, Kenny and Crosby Loggins.

She has also done make-up for M. Night Shyamalan, Hilary Duff, Rosie O’Donnell, Paul McCrane, Lea Thompson, Marc Sente, Ernie Hudson, Helen Mirren, Julia Duffy, Benjamin Bratt, Nicollette Sheridan, Martin Sheen, Smokey Robinson, William Dafoe, Rachel Blanchard, David Spade, Sheryl Lee, Stacy Keach, Terrence Howard, Mickey Rooney, and many more.

In the fashion world, Margaux has worked with photographers Matthew Jordan Smith, Roger Snider, Alison Jackson, Scott Jordan Held, Gail Bowman, Gabriel Neyra, Joan Lauren, Chris Ameruoso, Bob Hudson, Terry Leonard, and Sven Arnstein. She has worked on shoots for Beyond Magazine, Chicago Fashion Magazine, Variety, OK Magazine, Red, New York Magazine, Hollywood Dog, In Touch, New York Dog, and the London Radio Times. Her clients in the fashion industry include Lune Collection, Slimsuit and Nicki Wear.

Margaux is also a literary contributor to Hopla Magazine, and with articles regarding skin care, beauty products, and career advice.

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