Lynnette Warren

Independent Insurance Agent, Income Tax Prepare, Bookkeeper, Small Business Consultant

About Me

My adult career has been made up of working in business management, bookkeeping, tax preparation, small business consultation and insurance sales.

I work with individuals from all points in their business. The day they walk into my office as an employee of another company wanting to go out on their own to the already small business owner wanting to incorporate. I help individuals -entrepreneurs at every stage with tax advice, to knowledge of what they need to know that they did not know they did not know, along with insurance, and bookkeeping. What bookkeeping software to use and how to use it, how to complete an I-9 and stay labor law compliant, non-disclosure agreement for interoffice personnel, what is a real working lunch deduction, who is a 1099 employee, budgets for them self and the business to survive. I guide the small business in the direction that keeps "SUCCESS" in the view and stress off the shoulders.

My career in the business industry has taught me that customer service must always be excellent. My goal is to WOW my clients with my ability to see their family's needs, communicate to them what I can do within their budget, produce their wants, all the while we are growing together a deep personal relationship.

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