Lynn Howard

Executive Business Coach/ Coach to Coaches/Entrepreneurial Dvlp

About Me

People and possibilities. These are the two words that motivate Lynn Howard. Her clients love her for her No B.S. approach, solutions and creative focus and the ability to help bring visions to life with simple steps.... If you are ready for change and willing to roll up your sleeves and work, then Lynn might be the right fit for you!

📌Digital Nomad 🌎
📌Executive Coach👩‍💻
📌Solutions Seeker 🔍
📌Cancer Survivor💜
📌International Speaker🎤
📌Serial Entrepreneur 💪🏻
📌Communication Guru🗣
📌Mindset Maverick🧠
📌Manifestor 🧲
📌PODCAST host ~Confessions of a Digital Nomad~

From a serial entrepreneur to a former COO of a global company as well as coaching, consulting, employing and mentoring thousands of Entrepreneurs from across the globe, Lynn has put in the work and lived a life by example. She has started many successful businesses across the US as well as in Saudi Arabia.

An adventurous spirit, one who loves learning and experiencing different cultures, meeting new people and exploring oneself and what the world has to offer, Lynn became a full-time digital nomad in 2019.

She enjoys speaking and sharing her learnings and story at conferences, trainings and events around the world, such as Colombia, Dubai, Bali and more, with summits as large as 6000 participants. Provoking and inspiring the thoughts of those in the room to leave thinking different than when they arrived.

She has three young adult children and 4 grandbabies, spread across the US.

She lives by the motto, “No excuses, only solutions.” , with a little tough love, intuitiveness and perseverance mixed in.

Lynn is a fighter, from an abusive childhood to beating cancer, she has a fire within that pushes her forward. She believes in using difficult situations and the “skeletons in your closet” as inspiration and motivation to create change and live a purpose driven life. She is a true testament of a Survivor and Thriver.

To learn more about Lynn’s story and for inspiration and helpful tips on the entrepreneurship journey, visit her blog at

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