Lucienne Larrabure

Emotional & Spiritual Educator | Life Transforming Coach

About Me

My name is Lucienne Larrabure, I am an experienced Emotional and Spiritual teacher, and Prosperity Mentor, founder of The Conscious, an online life transforming platform with revolutionary signatures programs like "True Prosperity" (tm) and "Your Story" (TM).

I help powerful women who are seeking personal, emotional and financial freedom so that they can learn how to create a life on their own terms and standards, for themselves and forever.

Facilitating classes, workshops and programs, Lucienne is convinced that Emotional and Spiritual Education is a fundamental piece of life. It is the only way to really love yourself, be loyal to your needs, live with confidence, and activate your own centers of power and feminine autonomy.

"As a Spiritual and Emotional Teacher, Larrabure takes a unique approach to teaching and mentoring that incorporates the four pillars of our existence: spiritual; emotional; mental; and physical. As a Spiritual Teacher, Larrabure possesses both the knowledge and skills to facilitate the truth of life and truth of ourselves. Working with clients at a level of allowing their greatness to emerge, she teaches them how to do this with ease and a true connection to their source of abundance and wholeness. As an Emotional Teacher, Larrabure teaches clients everything about their unique emotional system, conscience and subconscious, and patterns of behavior so they can stop ignoring the key aspects about themselves and then follow practices that will make sense and connect the dots as they heal and transform."

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