Louise Nicholson

Expert on Indian culture; arts journalist; founder & chairman Save a Child America Inc charity for deprived Indian children

About Me

"Louise was raised in the UK and then worked in London for 26 years in the arts. In 2001 she and her husband came to live in New York. Today she divides her time between the US, UK and India.
Louise has two careers: arts journalism (she writes regularly for Apollo, and an in-depth knowledge of the Indian sub-continent - her 24 books include the National Geographic Traveler guide to India (4 editions) and for 33 years she has created tailor-made trips and led small group tours to India, making her one of the most experienced in her field.  Please visit
Louise's volunteer work is for Indian children. In 1985 she founded Save a Child, a non-profit whose mission is to dynamically change deprived Indian children's lives and opportunities through long-term sponsorship. In 2010 she then founded Save a Child US, with 501c3 status. Today, about 400 children are sponsored through Save a Child. Many are first time learners; some of these achieve Class 10, Class 12 and are even attending college. It is the most rewarding and useful thing she does. Please visit
In 2011 NAPW (now the International Association of Women) recognized Louise as a Woman of the Year for her ‘excellence & dedication’ within her profession and towards the world community.
In 2014 she was appointed North America Representative for Quo Vadis Travel, India’s most respected premium travel agent. She has worked with some of their staff for 30 years.
In 2018 she was the first non-Indian national to be given the Ramakrishna Vivekananda award for services to society.

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