Lori Yadin

Create Safe Space, Inc | President

About Me

Every seed is held and nourished before breaking ground.

It is so much easier to grow, move, risk, innovate, focus, know ourselves and speak our truth from safe space.

Creating Safe Space honors wholistic living as a path to achieving human and community potential. An ideal practice for leaders, educators, human advocates, parents and individuals that nurtures ground breaking results.


My belief is that every person deserves to live, work, learn, and love in Safe Space. Creating Safe Space is a mindful path for leadership, education, and life. The approach is intentional and takes courage, insight and risk. To know thyself, as Socrates wrote, is only one half of the equation. To sustain success we must not only know ourselves - we must Be ourselves.

I coach individuals and teams in
Non-Profit, Faith-Based, and Educational Organizations with an earnest desire to live, learn, and work in a culture that is in line with their individual/organizational values.

My philosophy is grounded in Creating Safe Space as a foundation for Emotional Intelligence, Focus, Creativity, Innovation, Teamwork, Management and reaching Personal, Community and Organizational goals.

How might a culture of safe space unlock potential in you, your team, or your organization?

Coaching is a co-creative process that will support:
- greater self awareness,
- an understanding of the values of workplace culture and it's role in success,
- open and honest communication necessary for fostering relationships grounded in trust and respect
- management style that promotes reciprocal growth between managers and team members.

What are you doing to authentically inspire human spirit? Connecting to human spirit is the spark necessary for reaching and sustaining human, community and organizational potential.

Are you sustaining a level of wholistic excellence?

If not, what is keeping you from having a conversation that could be the positive change you have been seeking?

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