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Advantage! Learning Solutions, LLC is a premier provider of cognitive Brain Training (physical therapy for the brain), Biofeedback, and Professional Coaching. My approach directly improves functionality for individuals struggling with cognitive challenges, brain related cognitive decline, and professional "burn-out."

Lonnie Rae Smith and Advantage Learning Solutions has been providing "top drawer" services in the Portland Metro area for over 20 years. Lonnie Rae's passion has always been to enrich the lives of others by providing individualized learning and cognitive stimulation programs. Her Brain Training and Professional Coaching programs have changed lives! Keys to her success: Effectively addressing root issues followed by unique, specific, and individualized approaches.

If focus, memory, and attention are challenging or you are struggling with "burn-out" she can help. As a 20+ year Veteran in education, Lonnie Rae's outside the traditional classroom has given her a unique opportunity to use creative, holistic, innovative approaches. She guarantees results!

Hello. My name is Lonnie Rae Smith, and I am a Licensed Behavioral Analyst and Educational Specialist, as well as owner of Advantage Learning Solutions, LLC - a premier provider of Brain Training, educational support services, and Professional Coaching for individuals of all ages.

Focus, attention, processing, and memory skills are critical to learning and managing all aspects of life. My programs are designed to determine strengths and challenges and then to build skill which in turn improves an individuals ability to learn, retain, and perform in various aspects of life. I call it physical therapy for the brain!

What we know for sure: If we improve the brains ability to attend, re-organize, process, prioritize, and improve memory, the chances for "burnout" are significantly reduced. We retrain the brain!

I graduated from a small private college and have continued my education with a focus on education, cognitive therapy, neurofeedback, coaching, data analysis, and research as it relates to my field of study.

My hobbies and interests include hiking, bicycling, music, cooking, landscape gardening, reading, and spending time with my husband, children and their families.

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