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My name is Liz Ashling. My skills and areas of expertise include, organizational development, transformational life coaching, awakening individuals to their spiritual path, healing and empowering clients.My professional title(s) are Healer / Author / Leadership & Personal Spirit Coach. My publishing company's name is Spirit Journey Publishing.

My practice specializes in deep listening, partnering with clients to clear blockages; from the inside out; bringing each person into a state of wholeness, alignment with their mind, body and spirit. We work together to discover how to use your inner wisdom for leading, understanding that wisdom resides inside each person. My coaching process is client centered, focused on your immediate goals and life journey. I assist you in knowing how to use your whole body wisdom with your specific heart wisdom to problem solve and make wise life choices. I work one-on-one with clients, in person or long distance on the phone. My website has more details on specific offerings.

I bring 40 years' experience and insight to my healing - coaching practice. My passion is to be present and be of service to individual's on their learning journey. I have the unique skills of holding sacred space for clients to find the core stories in their cell memory linked to early childhood trauma and other distortions; together we clear these stories so clients can pursue their dreams and live life fully.

As an author and educator, I am compelled to bring understanding and awareness to the complexity of adoption and the post-adoption journey. My book, "Pulling on New Genes: Wounds-Triggers & Healings: An Adoptee's Journey through Life", is for anyone touched by adoption or working in the adoption field, and adoptees and their families. The last section of my book has healing exercise that anyone can take advantage of.

My hobbies and interests include art, being in nature, meditation, music, swimming, and taking walks.

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