Lisa Etzel LCPC BCC

Life Leadership and Harassment Coach

About Me

We are in the midst of Cultural Change. Leaders are being called on to invariably reinvent themselves. As a leader, you must adapt continuously discovering your mindset, new skills, and aptitudes. As a start-up, you have the amazing opportunity to discover what your company's culture will be. You may also need help with this. I can guide you with my extensive experience as a Therapist and Coach working with individuals and groups for almost 20 years.

Today we need leadership in our companies to create security, respect, trust and equality in the workplace. The personal leadership journey is maintaining respectful relationships learning how you can better serve others and authentically support advancement in their career with a comprehensive overall engagement at work.

As a Board-Certified Coach, I work with accomplished executives, team leaders, female pioneers, and start-ups, expanding, heightening and developing leadership. Together we can harness your innate abilities and get results in an authentic ‘human way’. I am so very proud to be part of this cultural change.

I am also a pioneer as a Harassment Coach. Coaching targets of harassment, standing by them in their truth, witnessing their story, empowering, and creating choice as EVERYONE deserves a safe dignified workplace.

I enjoy hiking, art, and skiing here in the Southwest, Paddle-boarding, swimming, family, and friends on the East Coast during summer months and volunteer work in both locations at small local fundraisers.

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