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Nearly 10 years ago, when Lisa began to carve her niche in the big world of real estate, the world was on the verge of some of the most dramatic changes in our economic climate since the Great Depression.

The housing industry in Metro Detroit took one of the severest hits of the country, with prices plummeting to unheard of lows. Families in all walks of life were touched by this turn of events and Lisa quickly realized there was a distinct need to provide solutions to bring value back to our communities and quality homes back to our neighbors.

From the beginning, Lisa knew that her dreams would take her places, she founded Value Priced Homes, LLC to share her passion to improve local communities while fulfilling her own goals. Value Priced Homes is an up and coming residential re-developer focusing on single family homes which she purchases and rehabs to help improve our communities while offering her neighbors quality homes that bring value to our cities. Lisa is excited to be a part of the area’s renaissance and aspires to continue contributing to the economic rejuvenation of Metro Detroit and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Poised to become the market leader, she is aggressively expanding Value Priced Homes' presence in the Metro Detroit area and is proud to provide real estate services in the following areas:
• Real Estate Consulting
• Residential Redevelopment
• Short Sales/Loss Mitigation
• Real Estate Investment

Value Priced Homes offers full service professional real estate solutions for all of Metro Detroit. Lisa passionately pursues her goal of helping Metro Detroit families find solutions to their real estate needs.

While working in her own investment properties and collaborating with other investors, Lisa realized there was a serious problem most investors faced… difficulty finding funds to turn dilapidated houses into viable homes. Not one to shrug and walk away from a problem, instead Lisa took the bull by the horns and created a solution. Late in 2014 she pursued obtaining a Private Money Mortgage Broker certificate and founded in January 2015. She continued her education and became a Certified Master Private Money Mortgage Broker in February that year.

Again, seeing a problem, Lisa created another solution. She has expanded her reach to working directly with homeowners in the Detroit Metro area. In March 2016 she founded Hearthstone Real Estate Solutions, a resource that not only helps homeowners who need to sell quickly but she also specializes in guiding potential homeowners whose credit may be bruised or those who may not easily qualify for bank loans to achieve their dream of home ownership.

Her BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design helps her offer an artist touch to beautifully remodeled homes. She is currently involved with several REIA groups across multiple counties as well as both MCAR, MAR and NAR. She enjoys many activities and hobbies including outdoor activities such as geocaching, boating, and camping or indoor hobbies like knitting, baking and chocolate making. She is drawn to and passionate about helping in the community and volunteers at charitable organizations such as local soup kitchens and food pantries.

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