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Fitness International, LLC (d.b.a. LA Fitness) is preparing to celebrate our 30 year anniversary this November. Our team is grateful to celebrate this achievement, as we know it can only be done through a great team... 1 club to 615+ locations later, we have much to reflect on and grow from. We are a profit driven organization, named the largest and most profitable health club chain in the industry. I am a District Vice President of marketing and sales in CA, responsible for 20 stores from Ventura County to the greater Los Angeles area. We will grow approximately 300+ locations in the next 3 years. One of my top priorities is to hire, train and develop our future leaders as the demand continues to rise. I am currently seeking career minded, honest, enthusiastic, self motivated, results driven applicants. Contact me today via email at I look forward to having a conversation with you to discuss your possible future with a winning team.

Fitness International, LLC is an equal opportunity employer who recognizes the value of having a diverse workforce. We seek and encourage qualified applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, or other cultural or physical characteristics.

A little more about me:
I am grateful for my parents, my mother a teacher and my father a coach. Their passion for teaching and coaching has had a great influence on my career and success. Personal development in the discipline of mastering fundamental basics and practicing good sportsmanship through sports/team activities was important in our family. This has become the foundation of my success. I hire, train and develop my team with the primary focus of identifying and building off of strengths, promoting a growth mindset in improving weaknesses and have high expectations in developing habits and characteristics of a top 20% performer. I see in NAPW what LA Fitness has given me, a platform to exercise my passion and vision of promoting healthy living, personal growth, and finding/developing good people. The greatest feeling for me is in teaching/coaching others to exercise and develop skills, talents and gifts that lead to results rewarded greatly in increased pay and position.

Networking, finding and developing future leaders, personal growth, rolling up my sleeves in charity work and volunteering with at risk kids are my goals to achieve through NAPW.

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