Linda Shaffer-Vanaria

About Me

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria is a Leading Authority on Edge Performance and an international speaker, consultant and coach. Linda acquired and honed her expertise in Edge Performance from her 20+ year career and experiences as one of the first women U.S. Navy Test Pilots and Squadron Commanders. For the 15 years follow on to her Navy tenure she has been an entrepreneur establishing Enterprise Coaching of Carlsbad and 2020 Thrival Factor. She has extensive coaching expertise having personally coached over 1000 leaders and having been the Lead Coach of leadership development initiatives touching over 2000 leaders. Linda believes that there is no substitute for being ready and confident for Right Now and also believes that the time to work on your Edge capabilities is not when you are pushing the edge. Accordingly, she has dedicated her thought leadership to evolving tools, concepts, models and methods that enable leaders to become masterful with Edge Performance and to have the hip they are shooting from be a “Strategic Hip” ready for whatever whenever so they engage and act with conviction and confidence moment by moment. Linda’s hobbies are having hobbies. She is passionate about cooking, crafts, learning, dachshunds, critical thinking and serving in leadership roles for her church.

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