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Linda M. Penn holds a Master’s Degree and Rank I Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Louisville. She taught Kindergarten through third grade for 21 years in public schools. Is Kentucky in the Sky was the first book published by Penn and Racing to Joy Press, LLC.

During her teaching career and as a mother, she learned what kinds of books children loved to read. Her goal is to write books that children will read over and over again—books that stir their imagination.

Penn’s books, Hunter and the Fast Car Trophy Race (released in November 2012) and Clayton's Birding Adventure (released in 2013) are written to inspire young boys as they grow from emerging readers to fluent readers. Linda's newest book, No More French Fries in the Bed is scheduled for release in 2014. Linda's book, Is Kentucky in the Sky? (released November, 2012) received a Mom's Choice Award. Linda is now using her own life experiences with kids and her faith in God to write children’s books. Penn’s characters are modern and humorous, facing and solving real life kid problems.

Linda and her husband, Gil, live in Lagrange, KY. Her daughter, Natalie, husband, Jeff, and their daughters, Ally and Samantha, live in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Her daughter, Lisa, and her husband, David, and son, Hunter, live in Richmond, KY.

Linda is available for school presentations, speaking opportunities, and conferences focusing on writing for children. Penn also does school presentations for public and private schools and home school organizations.

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