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About Me

Internationally recognized by Tremaine Dance Conventions, Dance Masters of America, Professional Teachers Association, Al Gilbert Seminars, and Hoctor’s Dance Caravan, among others. Linda has appeared in national dance Publications Dance Spirit, Dance Teacher, Dancer, Dance and Fitness, Dance Teacher Now, and in February of 2005 graced the cover of Dancer Magazine with her husband Darryl Retter. She is currently an advisory board member and writer for Dancer Magazine, and has written for Dance Spirit. In 2003, Ms. Retter received the 1st Annual Dance Educator Award from Co. Dance Conventions. And has been named Dance Educator of the Year, 2010 by the same organization.
In 2008, Linda received the National Luminary Award from the National Association for Moms in Business Organization.
Linda and Darryl Retter are Owners and Directors of Retter’s Academy of Dance located in Agoura Hills, Ca. Their academy holds the distinguished honors of: Best Dance Instruction, Agoura Hills (2008 & 2009), Top 5 studios in Los Angeles (Dance Spirit 2007), Top 50 Dance Studios on the Move (Dance Spirit 2005 & 2008), Dancers Care (Dance Magazine 2007), Top 10 Studios in Southern California (Dance Spirit 2001), Mr. & Mrs. Dance Teacher (Dance Teacher 2000), and Commendations from California State Senator Diane Feinstein in 2000! Creating a safe haven for thousands of dancers, the Retter’s teach more than dance steps. Their goal is to train brilliant dancers and also encourage Leadership, Respect, Loyalty and Tolerance through their many programs. They have established and provide funding for the Al Gilbert and Winston Hemsley Memorial Scholarships, providing financial aid to dance families.
From dancer to teacher to designer, Linda’s desire to empower young dancers is more than a job. It is her mission!
Creator of the Danceitarian Movement, Linda’s answer to the needs of the community and the world was to GIVE BACK. Her most prized projects involve the “Dancers Care” campaign that has raised thousands of dollars for Alzheimer’s Association, 9/11 Victims, tsunami relief, The ONE Campaign to fight Global AIDS and Extreme Poverty, City of Hope, Dizzy Feet Foundation, Urban Compass, and Plan USA. Husband Darryl Retter and their daughter Renata work side by side to create not only technically brilliant dancers, but caring citizens as well. In 2008, The Thoughtfulness Committee (TLC) was featured on Real Sports Heroes’ Saluting Teamwork for their outstanding community involvement for charitable events.
This exciting motivator, educator, choreographer, and dancer has worked with or choreographed for Bette Midler, Robert Guillaume, Lionel Richie, Billy Crystal, Tom Jones, Andy Gibb, Sammy Davis Jr., Michael Jackson, and more. Linda was a “regular” on the television shows Midnight Special and Solid Gold as well. Her goals are many. High on the list is to instruct dance in a positive manner, to create thinking and intelligent dancers who are not only technically brilliant, but creative and passionate about dance. Daughter Renata lights up her life each day. Ms. Retter celebrates 35 years in the Dance Industry. Many of Linda’s protégés operate successful dance studios and appear on Broadway, in films, and on television. They are the future of the dance industry, promoting artistic beauty and humanitarian efforts. Linda Bernabei-Retter feels extremely blessed to be a part of an industry that empowers, educates and inspires young dancers to be the best they can be.

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