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FreeHeart Counseling | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

About Me

I'm a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the owner of FreeHeart Counseling, my private practice. I've been a psychotherapist for over 15 years, and strongly believe in the benefits of personal growth for the individual and for the greater community.

I specialize in relationship counseling for individuals--yes, that's right. I call it the "How to Do Relationships" program. It is my unique method, developed over years of experience, both professional and personal. It's focused on one goal: learning to connect successfully and meaningfully with another. I offer a thoughtful, resourceful, intuitive approach to connecting more effectively for partners of every kind: intimate partners, business partners, those looking for partners, or those looking to take their partnership to the next level. Through my approach I support people to identify, clarify and become the kind of person they want to attract in their life.

For the woman who is successful and high-functioning in almost every aspect of her life, save one, for the perfectionist who demands the highest level of performance and commitment from herself and others, for the woman whose life is great in every respect except for repeating the same unsatisfactory relationship with each new love, my approach is designed to break the pattern and to uncover and clarify what each woman is really looking for in a relationship, and how to get it without going through any more time-wasters. I guide women through a process that will change how they look at relationships, and how each woman deals with herself in relationships.

For those women in business with a partner, the fact is that a huge percentage of partnerships fail. Not because of a flawed business plan, but rather, due to problems in communication, conflict, loss of trust, and poorly defined roles between the partners. Sometimes things get so bad the partners, who may have been close friends in the beginning, start talking about lawyers. Lawyer solutions have their place, of course. But to salvage the relationship as well as the business a relationship consultant is needed for that, not a lawyer. And why not? We hire accounting professionals for accounting matters, and legal professionals for legal matters, so why not a relationship professional for relationship matters?

My role and expertise is one of support, education and helping women to define and clarify roles and goals. I provide the emotional environment in which insight and change can take place. I teach individuals the tools needed to reach personal goals, including those that significantly impact their business. I offer thoughtful, resourceful counseling and consulting, along with insightful solutions to the problems that keep women from having whole, healthy relationships in their personal life and in business. In essence, I help people free their hearts and minds, to be open to a more satisfying and fulfilling life through healthy, effective relationships.

I feel privileged to be able to do this work, to witness the power of a person's desire to be healthy and fulfilled. And I am honored to be selected to accompany those on their journey toward better connections and prosperity.

We all benefit from the presence in our community of strong, growthful women and men, and I am proud to be a part of a profession that supports those who are looking to take their relationships to the next level and to find their unique, valued place in their community..

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