Dr. LaVerne Adams

Master Certified Life & Executive Coach

About Me

As President of IAW's DC chapter and an executive coach, I am passionate about helping professional women to thrive and live a more satisfying life. I bring this passion to the monthly meetings and events. When people work with the get a transformational experience from the inside out and this carries over into my leadership role at IAW. Please join us!

I specialize in creating a strategic plan for a more satisfying life that gets guaranteed results. I am an expert in personal, pre-marital couples, as well as group coaching in a fun productive environment. I draw on my 25 years of executive experience working in the religious, non-profit and business world, as well as being the CEO of a corporation. I have traveled the world as an international inspirational speaker and have authored and contributed to over 20 books on personal, social and global transformation which are all available on Amazon.
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I am also a radio and television host with my latest Total Life Transformation TV Show on Comcast channel 66. You can find more about my work at You can also connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, the Youtube channel, Facebook and Instagram.

For more information about me and to discover how I can personally help you to achieve your goals see or to schedule an appointment please go to:

I look forward to helping you live the professional and personal life you dream!

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