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Growing up in a rural area is a challenge when it comes to things you need and want. We didn't have stores very close to us so we grew up making many things to use and play with. I quickly found that designing and making items was much more fun than using them. This gave me a great background for inventing things. I still live in rural Maine and I still make many items in my home, including my home. I love being a stay at home Mom and this company allows me to do this. While my daughter is doing her school work I am working at my business. At 5 years old she wants her own business and she sees first hand how to accomplish this.
My Apron Strings are very simple to use and help people with shoulder and hand issues. You do not need to tie the strings behind your back or neck. Your apron always fits because you clip the Apron Strings where you like. Tea towels are not very expensive but come in wonderful colors and patterns. You can change your apron with the seasons or match your outfit.
For nursing mothers the towel and Apron Strings pack easily into your bag and your coverlet stays in place when baby decides to wiggle around. The towel is also used as the burp cloth or bib.
For aging parents the elegant tea towel along with the Apron Strings make easy to use clothing protectors. The towels wash easily and adults don't feel like they are wearing a bib.
I have a few more items in the works and I am having fun and learning at the same time.

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