Lauren Young

MD Innovations LLC | COO

About Me

As an innovative, creative business owner, I seek to expand my knowledge and experience in all subjects related, yet not limited to professional, holistic, and ministry based medical care and entrepreneurship. I am currently a full time entrepreneur of two companies in the fields of marketing and medical diagnostics, while also desiring to own several clinics that serve underprivileged communities. However, I feel it is my first priority to institute positive change and influence the environment around me where I am. My skills and work ethic have room for potential, but in the past five years, I have worked in many arenas, and gained more experience through working, than I ever would have without being able to do so, during my short professional career alone. I am not a perfect individual, but I value hard work and integrity, and I am certain I have something to bring the table. Please contact me for more information, investment oppertunity, partnership information.

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