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Hi, my name is Lauren Clark. My passion is to help kids. I love working with underprivileged kids in Haiti. I’m here to help the street children of Haiti to live better and productive lives by instilling love and hope for a better future. I do this by removing them from the violent streets of Haiti where they work day and night begging for food and placing them in safe homes and environments where they can receive an education and be shown love and compassion.

How did I become involved with the kids in Haiti? Well, in 2004 I moved to Haiti as a missionary teaching in Bible Colleges and an assundry of other activities. While there I found myself tripping over street kids begging for a goude (equal to about 3 cents American) because they were hungry and wanting food. I looked at these beautiful kids and thought, it’s not right that you’re hungry, let’s feed you. Thus it began. What started out as a feeding program on the streets developed into a “rescue ministry” providing these kids shelter, education, medical attention, clothing and most important love and hope for the future.

Lauren is an ordained evangelist and missionary with RiversEdge International Fellowship and Church on the Rock International. She has a ministry in Haiti called Here Am I Ministries working with street children, local ministries and schools providing kids with shelter and an education.
She is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute. Prior to moving to Haiti, Lauren served as Executive Assistant with COTRI. Prior to that, she had a successful career with the Zig Ziglar Corporation for eight years in sales and sales management. She ministers both nationally and internationally.

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