Laurel Hardy

About Me

I spent 4 years as a stockbroker, learning from industry veterans at a Wall St wirehouse how the wealthy invest their assets. A deep understanding and appreciation for the history of the stock market and the purpose it serves today is essential for an investment advisor, and I find there aren't many of us left who use this knowledge!
I'm working to bring clients the best of both worlds... an independent advisor with sage investment knowledge about the stock market and investment products.
It bothers me to see people stuck with an advisor who's either too expensive or too conservative. I've often encountered people who are upset about the time they've lost to poorly performing investments because they work with an advisor who is themselves afraid of the market, overdiversifies their accounts, and rebalances way too often. People are able to detect when an advisor is too risky for them or a snakeoil salesman, but it's more difficult to see an advisor who doesn't provide good performance because they don't invest efficiently.
By knowing how the wealthy invest, by understanding the stock market, and by minimizing the fees removed from investments, I love helping me clients grow their nest eggs and plan their futures!

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