Laura Bisignano-Perez

Owner - Vow to Fitness

About Me

Laura Bisignano-Perez is a Certified Health Coach and Owner of Vow to Fitness, LLC. Laura travels the U.S. inspiring others to create a healthy and happy lifestyle. Through techniques, style and inspiration, Laura has been able to create a regimen that will not only inspire you, but will get you motivated in achieving your goals. Some of Laura's skill and areas of expertise include: Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Fitness, Strategic Planning, Troubleshooting and Leadership.

In her spare time, Laura enjoys the time she spends with her husband and her dog Lexi and feels strongly about animal welfare and rescue groups such as the ASPCA.


The NAPW is proud to have selected Laura Bisignano-Perez into our VIP Woman of the Year circle. Congratulations Laura !

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