Latika Vines

CEO, Visionary Initiatives, LLC | Training Consultant | Life & Career Strategist | Speaker | Author | Work & Life Balance Workshop Facilitator

About Me

Hi, I'm Latika, a Christian Life & Career Strategist helping Organizations and Working Moms Master Work and Life Balance so they can thrive in their life, stop feeling overwhelmed, and reach their potential of being Boss Moms. I coach and train working moms, who may be scared of trading their family time for a promotion, to be confident and successful in going after the life and career they are destined to be in, not sacrificing their family for success.

I am a working mom of 4 young girls and a wife to a loving husband. I am a proud Maryland born resident and have lived throughout various counties and parts of the state. I currently reside in Southern Maryland with my family, and love serving my community within the kids school and at my local church.

Getting the Career You Want: A Self-Guided Career Planning Journal to assist you in Discovering the Career You Want and How to Achieve It is available on Amazon for review and purchase at:

I Fear Not, Because God Said So: 31 Day Devotion & Prayer Journal to Help Women Defeat Fear is available on Amazon for review and purchase at:

To learn more about me and Visionary Initiatives, check out the website:

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