Lakina Fulks

Realtor and Community Leader

About Me

My name is Lakina Fulks. I am a professional realtor with Cranbrook Realtors. My skills and areas of expertise include investment and residential real estate. I earned my Master of Arts in social justice at Marygrove College. I am an active member of the Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors.

I am drawn to and passionate about my local church, as well as charitable organizations devoted to worthy causes, such as the eradication of domestic violence. I am, in fact, the vice-president of the Lost and Found Christian Association, which works together with multiple organizations and the community at large to shelter, empower and encourage safe new beginnings for battered women and their children through a comprehensive and compassionate life-cycle rehabilitation process promoting self-recovery, stability and independence.

My hobbies and personal interests include reading, spending time with my family and going to church. I strive to empower and inspire young girls. In pursuit of this goal I have developed a girls' empowerment program, specifically for those at risk in the inner city.

I believe that a lady who knows her value and worth and believes in herself is already on the way to success.


Lakina Fulks is also the Author of the book "Why" which is about a young girl's journey overcoming adversity and hardship through her faith and becoming a successful business woman.

The NAPW is proud to have selected and inducted Lakina Fulks into our VIP Woman of the Year Circle. Congratulations Lakina !

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