Lady Tullos

About Me

Like her characters, Lady E is an adventurer. At age 60, she took a year to drive from Boston to Los Angeles with only her dogs and an inquisitive nature. She walked all over Greece with a broken toe, and regularly enjoys ghost hunting. These are journeys that give her inspiration.

Dubbed Lady Elizabeth of the Orange Purse by her friend and mentor, Lady Elizabeth Tullos, was recently tiarafied by her sister, who in her infinite wisdom saw the need for a crown of enlightenment. Having been a real estate goddess for thirty odd years, the crown fit.

She likes to write in the warm winters of South Texas and the cool summers of Western New Mexico. That is, when her doggies, three Bichons and a fifty pound, blonde sweetheart, allow it. They try, but they really don't type very well.

As a confirmed chocoholic and Ancient Alien and NCIS affectionado, Lady E squeezes in time to write six or seven hours everyday. She posts to her blog at least three times a week and reads until she can't keep her eyes open any longer.

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