Krista Pavey

Tulsa Private Eyes, LLC | Owner/Operator

About Me

I am an entrepreneur that enjoys the art of business. I love to help others. I enjoy growing not only companies and organizations but people. I feel that if you are going to get out of bed everyday, you better make it worth it and make a difference to someone. I believe my business portfolio is diverse and I have a uniques set of skills. I am multifaceted so I feel my work should be as well. I work with integrity and passion.

I love being an investigator because I truly have a heart for helping others. I am relentless in my approach to winning my cases and I believe every case matters. I will fight for those who put their trust in my business.

I am a public speaker and speak on a range of topics from all things investigation related to business topics such as customer service, sales and marketing.

I have a social retail business that everyone should consider being a part of as it is the future of retail and I like being a part of making history, don't you?

I love nothing more than planning events, organizing workshops, fundraisers and excursions and I have a deep love for charity work.

I am a published writer and feel writing is not only an important form of communication and necessary skill but a beautiful way to express my thoughts. What you write lasts forever. It transcends.

I also assist people by providing content writing for their businesses, usually in social media formats.

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