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About Me

My name is Kimberly Watson. Please call me Kim. My professional title is Owner/CEO at Painted Ceramics 4 U. Currently I do not have a website but please feel free to see my work on Facebook at Painted Ceramics 4 U I would be happy to add you to my friends list.

About my business:

Painted Ceramics 4 U began as a way to provide family and friends with beautiful Holiday gifts. Over the years it has grown as a form of peaceful expression of me, who wants to offer customers' spectacularly hand-painted quality ceramics for any occasion. These ceramics add beauty to any décor, perfect for my customers' personal use or to give as a gift to add flair to a family member or friends' home. My customers' appreciate hand crafted work and the painted ceramics will provide them with the quality pieces they can enjoy for years to come. Painted Ceramics 4 U will provide our customers the opportunity to see and purchase these works of art at craft fairs, home parties and via the internet in Facebook and eventually my website. Painted Ceramics 4 U will provide our customers Ceramics 4 All Occasions.

My goals over the next year is to get a website up and running as a way to showcase my pieces and provide an opportunity for those who are not local to see and purchase pieces they would like. At Painted Ceramics 4 U we sell to any demographic including sex, age, religious background and others looking for unique decorations for their home or as a gift, to address this we will provide a wide variety of products that will appeal to anyone. Our target market will mostly be women who are financially stable and like to give quality unique gifts as well as decorate their home for most holidays. The age group will primarily be between 30-50 years old. Those who are younger are usually not settled in a home yet and are not ready to purchase this type of product and those older are many times downsizing and are not looking to add more knickknacks.

Who am I:

I am a strong woman despite many complications in my life and since my separation and divorce in 2010 I have accomplished two major goals of 1. living on my own and 2. beginning a business I am extremely proud of. To reach my goals I could not have done it without my family and friends who are the best anyone can ask for. First and foremost, I am the very proud Mother of two awesome boys, Drew 22 and Luke 18. A daughter to 2 wonderful parents and a sister to a great brother and sister-in-law, who have the cutest niece and nephew who I love to spoil rotten.

I live by two mottos:
1. Promise me you'll always remember:
You're braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seem and
Smarter than you think. (Winnie The Pooh)
2. Knowledge is power

I feel I am a "Jane of Many Trades and a Master of a Few"
My "Many Trades" include:
• Computer Programs
• Business Management
• General Organizational Skills
• Running Conferences
• Fundraising for Conferences
• Health Insurance
• Construction
• Landscaping
• Tree work
And the "Few I have Mastered" are:
• Business Marketing
• Location Organization
• Research
• Medical Knowledge
• Mental Health Support in the Workplace
In my free time likes to spend it with my family and friends, watching movies, going to the beach, cooking, playing games (especially poker). During my personal time I like to watch TV especially the forensic shows and playing mind stimulating games on her cell phone.

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