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I am a Social Entrepreneur and CEO of Nutrihope International, which is associated with Mannatech’s Mission5Million movement. Every year, 5 million children under age 5 die from malnutrition – that’s 1 child every 6 seconds! Our goal is to eliminate those 5 million deaths through a similar program to TOMs (shoes), called Donation by Consumption. So with EVERY purchase of our unique, real food sourced nutritional products/skin care/sports products, a malnourished child also benefits with life-sustaining nutrition.

Our goal is to link 5 million consumers with the 5 million at-risk children in need. Who do you know that wants better health for themselves and their families, or support the health they have now? Just by taking care of their own needs using Mannatech's natural products, a malnourished child is also nourished!

My interest and involvement in the health and wellness field spans 30 years. My passion is to serve others in creating improved health - physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually - while at the same time impacting the lives of these at-risk malnourished children. In addition, I love to work with nonprofit organizations to help them create additional income for their ministry/service.

I am Australian by birth and came to the U.S. in my early adult life. I have been blessed to live in a number of countries, and currently I travel full time. In addition to my Social Entrepreneur business, I am also part of a Christian RV volunteer ministry called SOWERs ( This volunteer ministry services nonprofit organizations all over the U.S., with diverse monthly projects of 3 weeks' duration.

My hobbies and interests include traveling, quilting, hiking, and personal development. And I love spending time with my family!

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