Kelli Hughart

Professional Herbalist and Certified Health/Wellness Coach

About Me

If it has to do with burn out, stress, exhausted or chronic illness, I can help!

Kelli is a highly skilled Professional Herbalist/Aromatherapist , Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Health/Wellness Coach. She is the the creator of several home study courses (90 Day Dive Deep Wellness Course and the Avoid Burnout/Stress Buster Course) and e-books. She leverages her 30 years of study in holistic studies along with advanced training in herbalism, aromatherapy, flower essence, wild foods, Reiki, EFT along with empowerment skills as a 4th degree black belt to help her clients to get REAL results without fads!

There are many great health coaches out there, but few have advanced certification is herbalism,aromatherapist and are a 4th degree black belt.

Kelli helps high drive professional women and female entrepreneurs. who are so busy that they burn out and fall ill, make themselves a priority so that they can get their health back so that they can change the world with their passion!

Many women seek her out because they are exhausted and have found themselves frustrated with their medical issues, and are not sure where to turn. They want solid ways to gain back their energy and health back and they are tired of spinning their wheels online looking for information that may or may not be reputable! They understand they could spend the next 20 years researching online, or they could leverage her skills and get results faster and get back to LIVING the life they WANT, now! They are action takers and are serious about their passion and are ready to get off the couch and get back to living!

Kelli is passionate about changing lives. She empathetic, knowledgeable yet empowering! She helps women dig deep to find their power.

Kelli goes beyond food and exercise and brings in mind/body techniques, solid and safe holistic therapies, Reiki and other practices for a well rounded approach to healing! Never a plug and play program! Each woman gets a personalize approach that fits them.


I’d like to share my personal story with you because its my driving force for helping others:

You see I used to struggle with an unusual illness that is exacerbated by stress, overreaching, and not making health a priority. One day I crashed and had to be taken to the ER. I was scared. A few months later after my diagnoses, I sat in my Cardiology office in tears and they said to me they didn’t know what else they could do for me. She said, I wish I could help you but I just don’t know what else to do. I just remembered I felt hopeless and wasn’t sure where my health would end up.

So I went home and said I know there has to be something I am missing. So I spent time refocusing my effort on self-care, looked deeper genetics mutations and mind/body connection, mitochondrial nutrition, and developed a plan to help me get my life back. And now my life has never been the same since. In fact I feel amazing now. I earned my 4th degree black and am almost ready to test for my blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu. I could have never done those things before when I was ill.

If you now anyone like this, it can be tough. What is worse is when you don’t have anyone to reach out to, like I did. Thats why I dedicated my life to helping reach out to others.

So, If you are a passionate woman who has lost their zest for life or are now facing a chronic illness because of burn out, reach out today to see if there are resources for you!

Email: and see if you quality for a free Re-Energize You, clarity session. I keep a small case load so spaces fill up fast so take action today!

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