Katherine Benningfield

Digital Media Professional, Mommy, Wife, and beagle owner

About Me


*New business venture. Joined NAPW to learn more from seasoned professionals.

Duties include:

*Photographer, Videographer, Disc Jockey, Radio Station Programmer/Manager/Owner

*Write about national issues as they concern citizens in NC on blogs including my own and others. Offer political commentary.

*Study and report about the North Carolina and national political landscape from a conservative perspective.

*Founded The North Carolina Beagle Watchdog in 2015, and retired Katy's Conservative Corner.


*Founded Katy's Conservative Corner in 1998, a NC statewide blog that focused on politics from a conservative perspective. It became the leading conservative political blog in North Carolina. I knew I'd "made it" when the blog became the go-to source for political news in our state.

*Helping lead North Carolina conservatives on the importance of using technology in political strategies.

* 30+ years of professional writing. Articles have been published nationwide. First published in 1976 at age 9.

*15+ years of technical writing experience. I've worked at such corporations as SAS Institute, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Cisco Systems, IBM, Progress Energy, and other smaller firms.

*Former Senior Technical Writer affiliated with the Society for Technical Communication

*Lifetime of professional and volunteer experience includes get out the vote, literature and advertising placement, speaking on behalf of candidates, issue organization, public policy writing, public relations, organizing volunteers, website development, and more.

*Volunteer with the Wake County and North Carolina Republican Parties. Former member of the North Carolina Republican Party Executive Committee.

*Active with the Franklin Center, Americans for Prosperity, SmartGirl Politics, Heritage Foundation, the NC Civitas Institute, and public policy organizations.

*Former P.R. professional. Wrote speeches, organized events, trade shows, organized leadership conferences, public speaker, wrote ad copy, published company newsletter, etc. Chamber of Commerce experience.

*State Government Experience - worked in public relations with the Departments of Transportation and Administration. Worked under former Gov. James G. "Jim" Martin, only the second Republican to serve in the modern era (since reconstruction).

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