Kathy Heilman

Legal Secretary at Rust Law, LLC

About Me

I am an avid believer of being an asset in any way possible to help make things run smoother. My role as Legal Secretary allows me to accomplish my goal of being an asset and helper at Rust Law, LLC.

A little more about myself is that in every aspect of my life I strive to do my very best and pay close attention to detail. I am always willing to learn new skills and accomplish new projects.Then once I start a project, I persevere until it is completely finished. Lastly, I receive great satisfaction from helping others in any way possible, whether it is for managers, coworkers, or clients.

One area that I am very passionate about is event planning for businesses. Events allow for building relationships either personal or professional. I love filling that role to orchestrate the logistics to allow an event to be a success, because networking is key to help a business grow. A great motto to follow for any business or even life is that It's not what you know, but who you know!!! Networking assists in building relationships!

My educational background is that I graduated from Bob Jones University with a Bachelors degree in Business and Technology and two years previously I received an Associate degree in Child-care. Both of my degrees can help me accomplish my goal of helping others.

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