Kathryn Mathews

INFLUXEON LLC | Co-Founder and CEO

About Me

Kathryn Mathews has an impressive background as a leadership and professional development consultant, talent manager, employee engagement specialist, leadership program developer and facilitator, technical and business writer, IT professional and curriculum designer and developer. She began her extensive career as a technical writer and IT trainer in the Silicon Valley and now has over 20 years leadership development consulting experience for a wide variety of clients, including Fortune 500 public firm executives as well as entrepreneurs building startups. Kathryn’s superior facilitation skills range both broad and deep, including entry level and executive leadership coaching and training programs, positive psychology based employee engagement solutions and sophisticated software applications. Having successfully designed, developed and implemented innumerable leadership programs and managed consulting projects for a wide range of small business, government, and international corporate clients, Kathryn knows both the importance and the skill of listening to the needs of her customers and tailoring the solution to meet their needs. Her extensive consulting experience includes an impressive list of clients for private and public sector, as well as entry level staff and senior level executives. Over the span of her impressive career, Kathryn demonstrated that she is also a seasoned leader, successfully managing a staff of content developers, consultants, trainers and DBAs with the most effective performance based leadership techniques.

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