Kathryn Kirtley

Kirtley Ventures, LLC | Owner/Member

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My name is Kathryn Kirtley. I go by Katie. My professional title is Owner/Member at Kirtley Ventures, LLC. My skills and areas of expertise include customer service. I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as CareNet, VETS, and anything to do with children. My hobbies and interests include gold prospecting seeing new places, and doing new things. I enjoy my family's company any time I can have it. I came from Washington most recently. We have a concrete business there, I took care of the bookkeeping and a few other things. We have recently purchased Gorilla Gas and Market in Seaside Or. and hope to do well. New area for us, we love the people and it is a lot of fun being on 101 with all the excited people coming through on vacation. Looking forward to connecting and hopefully even meeting with you ladies. I am looking forward to what I can learn from you all. What a neat group.

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