Kathleen Bogolin

President & Chief Profitability Advocate

About Me

I am a firm believer in the need for women to encourage and mentor other women. Guided by this belief and in recognition of my experience and skills, Financial Legacy Builders is helping businesses create a blueprint to profitability. An integral part of what I do is empower business women to capitalize on what they do best to achieve personal, professional, and financial success.

As a Profitability Coach, I help owners and management of small to mid-sized businesses analyze financial statements to identify opportunities and obstacles to growth. Through the process, we examine the impact of change on the fundamentals, realign the organization around the company's unique value proposition, and achieve SMART goals.

While I have some great clients who happen to be men, I have an affinity for helping women achieve professional success. I help businesswomen maximize their unique value proposition, leverage the female advantage, and utilize their unique capabilities to effectively provide value to clients they can help the most. I also help women overcome the internal and external barriers critical to gaining power and leadership positions.

As a career financial services professional, I have worked for major banks, technology, insurance and consulting firms. Clients have included corporations, ranging from small privately-held to Fortune 1000 companies, as well as financial institutions throughout the US & Argentina. Having "grown up" in financial services, I have been a huge supporter of women entering this male-dominated industry.

I am also a passionate investor of time and resources to organizations that support women including the International Association of Women (IAW), American Association of University Women (AAUW), and Northwestern University's Kellogg Executive Women's Network (KEWN). Through these and other organizations, I have promoted women's access to better education and higher compensation. I have also done my part to reduce the gender gap for women who have been my peers as well as subordinates, and as a mentor to other women in the financial services industry.

I passed the CPA Exam in the State of Illinois and went on to graduate with a Master's in Management from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Marketing and Finance.

If you are interested in generating higher profits for your business, Financial Legacy Builders can help! Contact me at 847-340-9487 or for a FREE copy of the FLB Business Model Worksheet.

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