Katherine Storen

About Me

I am able to exhibit accountability by clearly communicating and demonstrating my expectations to my staff, while holding others and myself responsible for meeting such expectations. I am able to engage, involve, and motivate others in improving best practice in the hospital. In answer to a specific concern from a staff member, I initiated the Palliative care focus group for general pediatrics. In a desire to promote best practice at the bedside, I joined the Nursing Research Committee and became an active member within by joining a Value Added Team. I have demonstrated my commitment to the PICU by initiating the department website, attending additional management classes including a LEAN class with the goal of formulating a project to improve efficiency in the unit, and have created a multidisciplinary journal club to promote my staff to employ Evidenced Based Practice at the bedside. I have consistently involved staff by encouraging them to have stake in their unit through commitment in being a part of the solution to any issues.

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