Karla M. Leonard

CEO/Asset Manager /Retirement Specialist/ Insurance Professional- IMI Asset Management Company Senior Advisor- Specialized Tax Incentive Group GMG

About Me

“Knowledge is Power!” I specialize in working with small to mid-sized business owners. I also work with families and individuals, assisting them in retirement planning.

I am CEO of IMI Asset Management Company/Senior Advisor-Specialized Tax Incentive Group with STRYDE/Asset Manager/Retirement Specialist and Insurance Professional. I have been working within the insurance industry for more than 25 years.

As a Senior Advisor-Specialized Tax Incentive Group with STRYDE, I help small to mid-sized businesses take advantage of tax incentives that normally only Fortune 500 companies can access. Small businesses may qualify for up to $1.25M for the R&D tax credit. STRYDE has developed proprietary software to identify these credits that look at Federal programs that will bring relief in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have identified over $9 billion dollars for small to mid-sized businesses. It only takes 20 seconds to see how much your company qualifies for - please check out

As a Retirement Specialist and Insurance Professional, I specialize in addressing the sharp increase of concern of outliving income in retirement. Anyone who is in retirement, thinking of retirement or close to retirement all have the same concern - mainly, running out of money and maintaining his or her current lifestyle. We have partnered with the number-one planner in the country and can now map out your entire retirement income on one easy-to-read page.

There are lots of strategies - and it is good to have a strategy - however, strategies can fail. I provide my clients with a solution or solutions that are permanent. I solve problems.

I have two solid commitments: one to my three children (and their families) of whom I am very proud - Graduates of Duke University, Vassar College and MIT. My other commitment is to our clients.

☎✉ Please feel free to contact me through LinkedIn or setup a call with me on my calendar:

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