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Founder and CEO

About Me

My name is Karin Klock and I am the founder and CEO at WomenOwnedBiz, LLC and

I am a first generation American and the first in my family to graduate from College. I have seen that equal opportunity and economic empowerment can change the world!

My work background has been in environmental health and safety and most recently I have been involved in, and energized by, working in corporate social responsibility and the diversity and inclusion space.

I tried to find diverse small businesses to provide goods and services and this would diversify the supply chain at the same time. This could have been a great opportunity to experience and support women-owned businesses from the US and around the world. However, it is virtually impossible to find small women owned businesses in the US and more so abroad. There was no easy way to do this, no established and well-known website to go to, so I decided to make one.

My goal is to have the largest free website to make it easy for everyone to find and support women owned businesses and thereby help promote their businesses and economic empowerment. This will also help to reduce barriers to female engagement in entrepreneurship.

Check this out- women-owned businesses in the United States number more than 12 million strong and more than half are owned by women of color. If 50% of these women business owners do not have websites to promote their goods and services, they won’t be as successful in their businesses as they could be. Entrepreneurs face many challenges to gaining exposure for their businesses. For example, rural women businesses have limited access to high-speed internet posing additional marketing challenges. In the United States almost half of all small businesses do not have a website.

It is even harder to find women owned businesses outside the US. In the UK women-owned businesses represent less than 25% of business in the UK's five most productive sectors and only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs is female. There are very high rates of female entrepreneurship in some of the poorest countries but again it is virtually impossible to find them.

One issue is the cost and time associated with creating and maintaining and marketing a website. Without a business presence on the internet it is extremely difficult to grow your business. Promoting women’s business ownership and improving the performance of women-owned enterprises helps foster gender equality in leadership and the economic empowerment of women. Such initiatives have been adopted by many countries to promote stronger, better and fairer growth.

I am committed to supporting diverse businesses myself and to make it easier for others to do so I am providing this free website for women to list their businesses on the directory and provide information about themselves and their journey. As we continue to grow in members, we continue to enhance the connections and relationships we have with each other and hopefully help each other in the process.

The website will be the one-stop shop for conscientious consumers and socially responsible businesses to find and support these diverse businesses. If you are a woman and own a business, please register to join our directory and also be sure to look here when searching for help and services to run your business.

Lastly if you believe in our mission to support women-owned businesses, please share this website with your personal and professional networks.

Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor or donor? Email me for more information at: info@

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