Karin Haddy

About Me

I’m Karin Haddy. Healthy living is my passion. Health and Wellness Coaching isn’t about dieting. It’s about transforming your life. Healthy living comes from a balance of good nutrition and wholesome foods coupled with a passion for life, laughter, and embracing all the elements that drive us. Wellness is about building vitality, finding daily balance, improving our health and strengthening our mind and body.

In my program, you will eat satisfying foods and never feel deprived. You will make life changes that will give you more time, energy and freedom. You will feel empowered to pursue new goals. You will discover ways to decrease physical pain, heal injuries and reduce anxiety. I am motivating, honest and non-judgmental and I promise you that you will feel safe and supported as we take this journey together!

With my prior 10 years experience as a Personal Trainer and my own life journey, I have many tools in my toolbox to assist, support and motivate people to make life long changes. I LOVE what I get to do everyday and get absolute joy in seeing someone improve the quality of their life.

I received my certification in Health Coaching from Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My hobbies and interests include cooking, hiking, reading, being in nature and spending time with family and friends.

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