Karen Schatzle

Candidate for Orange County Superior Court Judge

About Me

I have been working in the law enforcement field for thirty years. Initially I was a counselor at juvenile hall with the goal of changing the world one child at a time. As a young idealist I soon found that it would take a village of like minded people to make a dent in this arena. I was quickly promoted to probation officer where I worked in the field.

The probation department provided me a variety of opportunities to hone my skills. I supervised both adult and juvenile offenders, worked the house arrest program, work furlough release program, participated in writing investigative reports to assist our Superior Court in pronouncing appropriate sentences within the legilslative guidelines. I was also post certified and trained in the proper utilization of weapons including shooting, cleaning and rapid disarming. I worked as part of a coalition to best address the rising gang activity in our county. While working in the gang suppression unit I was armed and worked with Santa Ana and Orange police officers at night. I was present during the investigation of over 40 homicides and assisted in canvassing the crime scenes, interviewing witnesses and at times remained on scene until the coroners arrived, processed the scene and bagged the body.

While working full time I attended law school at night had two children and was pregnant with my third when I sat for and passed the State Bar Exam on my first attempt. Thereafter began my career as a prosecutor where I am still employed as a Senior Deputy District Attorney. Although I am currently a Team Leader, the majority of my career has been dedicated to the prosecution of child molesters, rapists and career criminals.

I am currently running for judicial seat #2 in Orange County. This requires unseating the incumbent. My opponent has been recently the topic of much debate and a public censure for a variety of violations of the judicial canons. He admitted to all violations including having sexual relations in chambers during court hours. His partners were students he taught at Chapman University as an adjunct professor. He admitted to having relations with three different women and then attempting to secure them jobs with the District Attorney.

My goal is to educate our community to the need to hold our elected officials to a higher bar and restoring integrity to this seat.

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