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My name is Karen Purdy. I am an independent associate with ASEA, a breakthrough company with products that are produced in a patented protected process and there is nothing else out there like them. I am also a registered nurse: I have been a nurse since 1965. Currently, I have lived in Canton, Ohio for the past 27 years.

My nursing experience has been clinical hospital nursing, which includes the operating room, orthopedic floor nursing, nursing within a physician's office and served as the head nurse in a large family practice residency program, in addition I also did home health nursing as a supervisor of state tested nursing assistants. I transitioned into medical and pharmaceutical sales in the late 1980s and spent 20 years doing that. I was also Vice President of a healthcare staffing company and my region was the Cleveland based location for over 5 years. I have very much enjoyed all aspects of my career. I have earned many sales awards .I love sales and marketing and I am especially a lover of "cold calls'!!

I am married to a retired podiatrist. Together, we represent the ASEA company. We are looking for people who would like to learn more about ASEA, who might be interested in becoming independent ASEA associates like us. If anyone would like more information in this regard, I can be contacted at We are also looking for people who have an interest in their health and wellness and/or have a particular health challenge. ASEA is all about ''redox signaling molecules'' and how that affects cellular health.This past June of 2016, they were listed in the Huffington Post as one of the top 5 medical breakthroughs for the coming years that will impact our health and wellness.I have found that learning about "redox signaling molecules" has been one of the "highlights" of my nursing career.We were introduced to ASEA after my husband had a "life-threatening stroke" 2 years ago. Our friend, who is an M.D. and represents ASEA and who also had had a stroke in the past introduced us to ASEA. Now after comsuming ASEA, along with traditional therapy etc. my husband has almost 80% of the use of his left side of his body back. To learn more please take the time (10 minutes and 45 seconds) to watch a very interesting video. Please go to . Also , please review the following two and These are by Dr. David Silverman who is our upline as well as serves on the medical board of ASEA. I'd love to hear from you after you have watched the video.If you go to the official website of ASEA ( , you can read about this fascinating company as well as see the credentials of their medical board.

I look forward to being a part of this organization and meeting many new friends.

Karen Purdy, R.N.
Independent ASEA Associate

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