Karen Nicksich

personalized spiritual therapist and author

About Me

I am most proud of my high level of creativity. I enjoy a robust reputation for developing and implementing highly inventive learning programs for schools to encourage community service and heighten multicultural sensitivity. I am well-respected for my fresh and energizing ideas in writing, dance and self-expression.

I am also noted for my unique skills in communication. I am highly regarded for clearly and effectively communicating to audiences from a variety of cultural, educational and economic backgrounds. I delight in my proven ability to convincingly influence and persuade those around me, allowing me to quickly build solid rapport.

In addition to my thirty-four years as a teacher, I ran an on-line pet collar store. It was called I made chakra, grounding and healing collars for dogs, using crystals. This is a holistic way of healing which is more completely explained on my website. I had great success with the collars, but as a result of a concussion I can no longer make them. I have, unfortunately, suffered nerve damage in my hands.

I enjoy volunteering with Love on a Leash. Maddie (my therapy dog) and I go to retirement homes, the cancer center, schools, the library and the V.A. Recently Maddie helped an autistic child get comfortable with a poodle. It was a long process. Just last week the little boy received his service dog, a standard poodle. He was able to acclimate thanks to Maddie. Maddie and I also went to a school to help students after one of their classmates died by suicide. Right now I am writing a special book about special needs children. You will find more information about it at

A few weeks ago I did a fund raiser for a sick horse by doing angel readings. All the proceeds were used to pay the horse's vet bill. I raised $300 in one night. I also participated in classes given by the Salt Lake Women in Business, took out a patent for my collars and worked with a professional dancer from the Ririe Woodbury Dance company to incorporate dance into

I worked for a year with Rire Woodbury Dance Company. During that time I worked with a mentor (Paul Callihan) a dancer from that company who taught me how to incorporate dance into my curriculum.

I advocate for the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias, a condition which has affected my family, and I give to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

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