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President, Global Development Enterprise, LLC

About Me

My name is Dr. Karen Judd Smith and I am President at Global Development Enterprise, LLC (Global). My passion is helping the "smart, talented, successful... but quietly dying inside," cut to the chase and start working on their inner success along with the usual and expected professional success. I am a speaker, trainer and coach.

Surprisingly to many, these inner "life skills" and capacities I teach are useful in and impact all areas of life: personal and professional. So my clients and students ended up improving so much more of their lives than they expected, including: New and better jobs, improved health, happiness they thought would never be theirs, reclaimed sanity, new creativity, new energy, new ways to deal with old problems, and so much more.

As for my history? Well, needless to say, I have had a phenomenally wonderful and varied background. So calling my company, "Global Development" was a no-brainer. So while it sounds big, it is actually a boutique business that really takes care of each client.

For years I have specialized in Leadership Development—youth, diplomats, volunteers, international activists, graduate students and so on. So my company supports that work. Of course today, "support" includes all things internet (website and app production, online training, curriculum design, video production and more.)

While working with businesses and international non-profits out of NYC, the impact my teams and I made at the United Nations stemmed from my focus on developing the personal leadership capacity of my team members in addition to the specifics of the objectives at hand. In short, my unique story can be summed by the international blended training I provided: "Dramatic Change: Leveraging personal power to impact society through advocacy and leadership."

No matter the nation, whether in be USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Ethiopia, the Middle East, Pacific or Europe, working with people motivated to engage in personal and social betterment was both an honor and exhilarating. The drive to grow and help others do the same is a potent combination. It can however, as it strengthens us, also leave us vulnerable. Therefore finding the balance of responsiveness to our environment and taking initiative is an essential part of what I call "transilience"—our capacity to lead transformational change.

Women are not strangers to strength AND vulnerability. Indeed, life is, but its very nature, powerful and extremely fragile. And these are always present at the nexus of change. It is where women can exquisitely impact our world.

Having had incredible opportunities to travel and train, to listen and observe some of the best and some of the worst, I continue to urge people to action ins small things, because it is all too often that inaction lends itself to the most unfortunate outcomes. The hero in this sense is not just the "one person who..." but in "the small courage of the many" that brings about the greatest change. So I continue to teach, train, write, speak, coach and help build the capacities of men and women to lead their lives well—in the small and seemingly insignificant. Because the small is the most potent. Ask those who created the atomic bomb what the size of an atom is!

I received my Doctorate with a concentration in International Peace and Justice from UTS and am still involved through charitable organizations such as WFWP International and The Alliance of NGO Criminal Justice and Global NGO Solutions. My hobbies and interests include my family (here and in Australia,) scuba diving, skydiving, ballroom dancing and learning which plants deer and gopher don't like to eat so my new (little) garden here in Oakland Hills can actually grow!

➤➤➤ Solutions Mastery™

You know how even the smartest people on earth can get stuck, stressed & immobilized by sticky moral dilemmas or emotionally messy situations?

I solve this.

I do this by utilizing the Solutions Mastery™ matrix to cut wasted time and move quickly toward the solutions wanted. This formula fast becomes a personal skill easily adaptable to many areas of life. Students quickly wonder how they ever did without!

To save time and transform your personal and professional life in simple, doable steps, get started now at or contact me at this email:

Specialties: Leveraging Personal Power and Leadership Development to Impact Society

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