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About Me

I'm one of those people who love life completely. Who knew that no matter what anyone said, I could achieve whatever I wanted to achieve. Whether it be in my personal life or in business. I knew I could have it all.

At the age of 24 I was diagnosed with primary billiary cirrhosis, where most people would allow that to bring them down I fought it!

While I had this disease I purchased my first tanning salon. Me a redheaded fair skin person who did not tan...however, I found that educating people on the safety of tanning, the health benefits drove people in. Provide safety procedures all had to follow gave me the following. After 1 year I expanded my salon into a tanning, nail & hair salon & opened 2 more. I then opened a distributorship of tanning, hair & nail products. Also I was a full time mother. It was a balancing act on my part but I managed.

At the age of 39 I had a liver transplant. In 1 week I was up on my feet causing havoc at the hospital. I was determined to take this gift of life & live it to it's fullest. Three months after my transplant, I wanted to work. The Dr were amazed at my attitude & signed off.

Working a couple of jobs I found real estate investing & fell in love with this. Having a strong background in accounting & finance, along with business management, I helped the company I'm at grow exponentially. One thing I believe in is not being a sales person, rather be an educator. To educate people about turn-key vs flipping, to help them understand what a cash on cash or your net yields in, to work with what you the investor is wishing to obtain is my passion. After all, to invest you must understand otherwise you may be making choices not in your best interest.

In what little free time I have, I am a support for several transplant patients in KC, whether it be sitting with them explaining my story as a liver transplant survivor or talking to their family. I also mentor young women in life skills so they can find a path to follow. I hope to spread the message that no matter where you start in life, you can change your path with hard work. That we can be whatever we want to be, that there are no boundaries. Success comes from the inside. If you believe can achieve it.

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