Julia Whitley

Long Beach Chapter President Event and Wedding Designer/Planner/Coordinator

About Me

Hello to an incredible database of some of the most outstanding ladies in the US. I hope to somehow meet each of you but until then I am pleased to meet you virtually. My professional title is Owner, Creator of Possibility at Serendipitous Events by Julia. I absolutely love working with people in the event industry as there is endless possibilities in creativity. I received my Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising from CSULB and knew I didn't want to actually go into retail. My college experience was incredible as I was able to learn so much about so many things. Even though I chose not to follow the path of merchandising I have found that it all has come to fruition in my greatest passion for creating. I love to take any and all opportunities to create a space that makes people feel alive and feel welcome. I have been planning events and weddings for over 10 years and have always known that I am most drawn to fundraisers and events that draw in awareness. I have been beyond blessed to be a part of the production crew for SOBWFF (South Beach Wine and Food Festival)in 2013, The Project Manager for Target's Hispancize 2014, the Gold Bar Supervisor for the Doheny Beach Blues Festival for 11 years. Most recently Assistant Producer for Stand Up for Gus for Jason Patric and Children Uniting Nations 15th Annual Oscar Viewing and After Party. I believe tremendously in the connection of the human soul and the understanding of the human condition. I have had the honor of being the President of the NAPW, Long Beach Chapter since August 2013 and I have found yet another passion. The ladies that have come and shared their greatest at our meetings have changed my life and given me a greater purpose. My most recent meeting with Louise Newcomb and Star Jones absolutely brought light to my understanding of how purposeful this organization truly is. I look forward to all of the incredible opportunities that have arisen in this organization in 2014. A toast to the 1,000's of women on this network. You have inspired and are inspiring. Cheers to you!

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