Judy Alderson

Encore Entrepreneur, Speaker, reFire Inspirer

About Me

I believe you have the opportunity to become who you are meant to be and not who you are told to be at any age.

Like many Baby Boomers, I found myself in a position where I no longer had the security of a corporate job but I wasn’t ready to retire. I had a lifetime of experiences and skills I wanted to share with the world.

After a 35-year successful career in corporate sales, my path was redirected into entrepreneurship when an unexpected company restructuring disrupted the stability I had always relied on. For decades my job had defined who I was and suddenly, in my late 50s, I was forced to reinvent myself.

Determined to fully embrace this new chapter, I committed to designing a life that reflected my core values and brought me the most joy. I created multiple income streams through independent health and business consulting and sales. By creating the freedom to design my own schedule and make time for my faith, family and friends, I discovered my true calling and purpose. I now help women and business owners increase their own income streams while educating others about the benefits of pure skincare products and plant-based nutrition to live healthier, fuller lives.

I broke through the expectations of others and the idea of what I “should” do in order to step into who I was fully meant to be. It wasn’t an easy feat, but the process of believing in myself starting a new chapter is the most rewarding journey I’ve been on.

Now at the age of 60 I inspire Baby Boomers to create the “in-between lifestyle,” a place where they can earn additional income using the knowledge, skills and wisdom they have accumulated over their lifetime. The in-between lifestyle is the place between the corporate world and retirement where Baby Boomers can find purpose and prosperity on their own terms and time.

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