Jennifer Zoetewey

Diamond Elevator, Inc. | CFO-Owner

About Me

My name is Jennifer Zoetewey, Chief Financial Officer and Owner of Diamond Elevator, Inc., which has been specializing in the residential elevator, stairlift and commercial accessibility industry since 2003. Diamond Elevator, Inc. offers products ranging from basic residential elevators to commercial accessibility solutions to dumbwaiters and service repairs to custom high-end elevators.

As Chief Financial Officer, my specific areas of expertise include management, bookkeeping, accounts receivable and accounts payable. I find that waking up to a "positive" mindset and attitude is the only way to take hold of the day and conquer the many challenges that will be present. In working in a male-dominated industry, gaining the respect of my peers and colleagues is of the utmost importance. Character and integrity factor in heavily; and I see to it that we exceed consumer expectations.

I received my Master of Science in Human Resources and Organizational Management from Cal State East Bay. I am currently involved with the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC).

My hobbies and interests include riding dirt bikes and traveling. While I like to travel abroad, sometimes there is nothing better than to enjoy what we have right here in the States. Whether its an excursion to the mountains or to the ocean, it is essential to take time out for self. I also enjoy wine tastings and love partaking in the finest our local vineyards and wineries here in California have to offer.

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