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I began my education journey in 2008 with a class of Intro to Design. It was an eye opening adventure that showed me I was on the right path as a solid student, acing my classes and a top student of my graduating class. In 2013 I was asked to present my Senior Project in an ASID magazine that would be sent out to Designers to show what students of Tampa, FL were experience and providing as the upcoming future of designers. Also, in 2013, I graduated with Honors from IADT of Tampa FL; eager to explore the world with my recently gained knowledge. My adventure was cut short when I received a phone call from my family in Colorado; asking me to return home to help the family business. I took it as a great opportunity and a chance of a lifetime! My family owned business since 1977 was a local flooring store and a store most of my knowledge was inspired from. I read construction documents as a child and my love for design and architecture had been inspired from within the walls of this small family empire. I dove in with both feet; making changes and additions that was frowned upon in the beginning. Today, I am proud of the accomplishments I have made in the last two years; from a flooring store to a Design Center with on-hand designers. In August of 2014, I opened my personal business of JennyLee Design, LLC and have been inspiring commercial and residential applications of our territory.

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